Sea Bird Rescue

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Australian Sea Bird Rescue is a grass roots community group with a passion for coastal wildlife rescue & conservation. The tireless efforts of this volunteer army does not come without a cost. These individuals devote so much time & energy for this cause that their own personal lives tend to be completely dominated by the man made damage to wildlife they witness on an almost daily basis. Carnage that could be so easily avoided if all us humans, who should know better, just made small changes to our lifestyles.

When we were approached by the local Central Coast branch for a donation for their fundraiser it was a no brainer. As surfers we arguably have the most to gain & the most to lose by not supporting any environmental group. Even more so when it involves the rescue & rehabilitation of not just sea birds but any marine species. So, we decided to work with local surfer / shaper Adam Casey from Imprint Surfboards & commissioned Adam to make a board for us to raffle & help raise some funds for this worthy cause.

Dig deep & help out a cause close to all our hearts. Just $5 for a ticket gets you a chance to win this board valued at $800! More importantly your donation goes towards allowing these wonderful folks to continue their work which we all benefit from. In the meantime watch the clip below to get some insight into how big an issue marine pollution is. 
After watching this maybe $5 won't seem like such a big deal!

Coasting Up North

Sunday, June 23, 2013
About a year ago I was on a road trip to the far North Coast...... a bit of business, some surfing & a lot of rain. Camping out in the van, visiting a few luminaries of Australian surfing along the way mostly work but a fun job if you can get it. One of the things I did along the way was pick up a bunch of photographic prints for a customer from Albe Falzon. The favorite of the bunch for me was the one below of the guys outside the Wilderness Surfboards factory located on an old cane farm inland a little way from Yamba. Albe calls it 'the family' shot & dated it at around '68 or '69 for an early Surfing World article. It evokes a much simpler time but, with the personalities involved, it was also a hotbed of design & experimentation. No computers for this crew. Shape a board, test it out on the North Coast points, get back to the farm, refine some more & make another. 

On that same trip I dropped into the McTavish factory in Byron with my print. Luckily for me Bob was on hand & more than happy to chat about the image & the players. He even drew me a rough mud map of where it was located. Looking quite ravaged from years of neglect it still stands forlornly in a local Yamba farmer's paddock. He allowed me onto his property to take a look telling stories about the shrine like pilgrimages by surfers to the house. Full moon parties & all night raves amongst the broken floorboards & spiders. The house still driving people's imaginations even if helped a little with something imbibed.

Whilst trawling the McTavish website blog I read somewhere that Bob is putting together a book with a lot of photographs covering his years involved with surfing & the characters who crossed his path. Should be a great read. He also had a couple of images of the 'Wilderness' house on his blog with a little recollection of that time period that makes you wish you had  a time machine.

"In 1969 Gary Keyes, Chris Brock, George Greenough and I were making boards in this groovy old house at Palmer's Channel, just inland from Yamba, surrounded by sugar cane. Shape and sand downstairs under the awning where the shower was, glass and gloss in one of the bedrooms. It cost us just $3 a week to rent, and Gary and Chris (plus their girlfriends!) moved in to live amongst the half-made boards, as did George. Hangin’ in the itchies and resin smell!!

We surfed Angourie every day it was good, as well as every spot from Sandon to Iluka. Pippies in Yamba was a nor-easterly favourite. We made a few boards a week, just enough to survive on. The Sydney market was hungry for whatever we could make, and the Grafton Railway Station was our connection.

The house was featured in two movies: Alby Falzon's epic 'Morning of the Earth', and also in George's classic 'Innermost Limits'. These shots were taken by a visiting surfer Ric Chan, and show his travelling companions hanging on the verandah. That's their Kombi in the front yard. Great memories."


As a final homage to that whole era I thought this recent clip I lifted from Bob's site of a Byron local putting a 'new' tracker model through its paces was too good to pass. This design originated around 1968 & with some refinements in 2013 still looks like it does the business. Makes you want to try one out. Enjoy!!

Will we never learn

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Business can be tortuously slow during these Winter months.....plenty of time to trawl the internet & I came across this trailer for a movie called 'Blackfish.' It tells the story of Tilikum, a performing Orca that killed several people while in captivity. Its director/producer, Gabriella Cowperthwaite, compiles shocking footage & emotional interviews to explore the creature's extraordinary nature, the species' cruel treatment in captivity, the lives & losses of the trainers & the pressures applied by the multi-billion dollar sea park industry.

Judging by the trailer, Blackfish looks like it will make us think long & hard about why it is us supposed highly evolved human species seem to always screw up big time when we mess with the natural order of the planet.

Why do we think a wild animal head looks better mounted to a wall than roaming free, the magical colour of a piece of coral would look better in our home than the reef it came from, that something as magical as a wild & free whale should be corralled for our viewing pleasure. We will never learn!!

For more info go to:

Follow the link there to the back story that inspired the making of the film.  It gives a much broader insight into the whole shameful industry.

Excuse The Roach

Wednesday, June 19, 2013
Roach - (cannabis culture), the butt of a marijuana cigarette.
Roach - (headdress), Native American headdress usually of porcupine hair.
Roach - a character in Apocalypse Now.
Roach - (surname), people who bear the last name Roach.

Roach - Harrison, ridiculously good surfer on anything that floats!

Adam, from Imprint Surfboards emailed me the link to 'Excuse the Roach II' which sent me looking for Part 1 below, as well as the clip above I have posted previously featuring him surfing a Neal Purchase Jnr single fin. 

Anyone out there who thinks single fin surfing is living in the past needs to change their paradigm & give a modern or old school version a try. Not only will it bring a massive smile to your face. But, you'll be pleasantly surprised at what it will do for your modern multi finned shortboard surfing. Do yourself a favour & have a go!


Monday, June 17, 2013

Its cold with late showers predicted. All round, a pretty ordinary day in the surf retail world. No time to surf the waves on offer but plenty of time to surf the net. Stumbled across this little gem of the 'Wedge' in Newport California. Great footage of crazy bodysurfers & board riders throwing themselves off the cliff. Lots of fun to watch & made even better by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club soundtrack. Hope it brightens the wintery gloom like it did for me. Enjoy!!

Friction Free

Sunday, June 09, 2013

Saw the clip below on Andy Davis' tumblr & was immediately struck by Derek's ramble to camera & behind the actual footage. It reminded me of why surfing is such fun. Its the characters who you come across. Before the homogenization & surf to a formula professional scenes we get fed by the ASP machine, surfing was peppered with a melting pot of styles, personalities & originality. Think of your own local scene & I bet their are a bunch of true 'individuals' who always show up at certain places when they know its going to be on. Sure some are a little battle scarred & showing the effects of how they live their lives. But, they are what makes a session anywhere interesting, fun & provocative all at the same time. Its the people you engage with when surfing, for the most part, that make it such a fun thing to do. Listen to Derek & read between the lines! It really gives credence to the old adage:

"the best surfer in the water is the one having the most fun"

 apologies for the lame ad popping up. i hate that shit!!

Life Can Change In An Instant

Friday, June 07, 2013

Went to the 60th of an old friend on the weekend. Lots of laughs & reminiscing as you'd expect when people that have known each other for a lot of years get together. Making a speech my mate mentioned another guy we all knew who sadly left us this year quite suddenly & much too early. Mention was made of how fleeting this life really is & we all need to make every moment count.

It drove home how wrapped up we can all become in the rampant quest of consumerism that now invades our world at every turn. A step back & a few deep breaths to give some clarity to what is truly important to us all is much needed. Life can be radically changed or ended in an instant.

Those thoughts were further reinforced when I heard the news earlier this week of a tragic accident on the North Coast near Casino in which a family were cruelly robbed of three loved ones. It sounded like one of those freakish unfortunate events that happen at times on the road & the news reports during the day were pretty light on detail.

It appeared as though a 28 year old dad & his 6 & 5 year old kids were parked on the side of the road waiting for the local school bus to arrive. A car lost control & slammed into their parked car tragically ending the lives of all three. Your heart goes out to the family & relatives of that dad & his kids.

I read this morning that the driver of the other car was disqualified from driving until 2030! He had his own four & three year olds in the car with him & is currently pondering his decision to drive without a licence from the inside of a police cell. All the people involved had their lives irreparably damaged in the blink of an eye!

The saddest thing I have read in the news for sometime, it has strengthened my resolve to make every second count & make sure that those closest to you know that you cherish their role in your life. We are all out there everyday going about our business. Lets make sure it doesn't get in the way of whats truly important.


Friday, May 24, 2013

In October last year I received an email from my son Sam whilst holidaying in Hawaii. Quite lengthy, it described conversations he had been having with Rachel, a surf industry acquaintance, about her plans to open her own business. He had offered to help her get set up & was fishing for my thoughts. Reading between the lines of his email & knowing his future ambitions, I knew it was time for him to leave us here at Adrift & chase his own dreams.

Ever since he was able to, Sam always has a plan for the future. His endless 'to do' lists & 'notes to self' always an amusement to friends & family. Always driven towards one day running his own show & today he signs the paperwork & pays his hard earned dollars to become part owner of BLVD Surf in Terrigal. We wish him & Rachel all the success in the world with their joint venture.
He will still be around Adrift at times & his mark here will never be erased. 
Since the day he was born, a father could not hope for a better son.

All pics by Brendan Turner

The Beat Down

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

There are few things funnier when out surfing with friends or just watching from the beach than seeing someone wipeout & take a beating in the waves. We have all taken some spills over our years surfing. Sometimes they result in injury other times just a beating & a wake up to the fact that mother nature will kick your ass whenever she feels like it. The best part are the belly laughs we get from watching some other surfer take the pounding. When the travelling surf movie showmen came to town with the latest release the loudest hoots were always for the wipeout segments. I found this clip on the Saturdays NYC blog. Its gold!! Enjoy.

Eddie Aikau

Friday, May 17, 2013

Hawaiian waterman Eddie Aikau needs no introduction. Legendary big wave surfer, fearless Waimea Bay lifeguard, often referred to as a latter day version of The Duke with his from the heart offerings of aloha to all he came into contact with. Eddie Aikau was the true Hawaiian.

When a bunch of cocky Australians decided they were going to 'Bust Down The Door' it was Eddie Aikau who brokered a peace deal & saved their asses. The fact that he was able to defuse that tension filled scene gives some idea of the level of respect that he was accorded  by his fellow Hawaiians.

Raised as a true Hawaiian waterman Eddie would have been unable to resist the opportunity to voyage from Hawaii to Tahiti aboard the Polynesian double-hulled replica canoe Hokule'a. On the evening of 16th March, 1978 the Hokule'a began its 2,400 mile voyage South to the Tahitian Islands. By midnight the Hokule'a had developed a leak & capsized in rough conditions in the Molokai Channel. With the crew clinging to the upturned craft & conditions deteriorating Eddie took it upon himself to paddle his board the 12 miles to the island of Lanai.

Always one to place his own life in danger to save others, Eddie Aikau was never seen again. His legend continues to grow.

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