A Quartet Of Quartets

Sunday, August 25, 2013

For the past year or more we have been singing the praises of these boards from the hands of Neal Purchase Jnr. Right now we have 4 newbies in stock ranging from 6'4" down to 5' 11" with a variety of outlines, colour schemes, width & thickness dimensions. If you are curious as to how they perform, check out the vid below. Neal also does a wicked range of single fins if thats more your bag.

Prices on the current crop range from $950 up to $1200 for 'The Pumpkin.' This is a wicked looking 6'1" weapon. A slightly narrower more pulled in outline that looks like it could break the sound barrier. By far my fave of the bunch. Resin tint glass job with contrasting resin pin lines. Very cool!!

We also have a bit of a bargain in the mix. Due to some minor cosmetic damage suffered at the hands of the courier, the 6' 4" beauty below is marked down from $1200 to $950.  So if a little more length is what you're after then grab yourself a bargain. All damage has since been repaired & was not performance affecting at all. A deep maroon/cherry resin tint glass job looks so good.

By no means the poor cousin. A stock standard clear glass job in a 6' 1" with the usual extra width & volume that Neal's boards are known for. If the tax man was not kind this year, then maybe this is your option at just $950.

If you want to try something shorter then this 5'11" baby could be your vehicle of choice. All the Quartet attributes in a smaller slightly more compressed package. Plenty of volume for a board this size so don't be scared to step down a little. This one is $990.

There you have it. A Quartet of Quartets with something for everyone. Call or email if you need more info on dimensions or have any questions. If you're in town drop by & check them out we'd love to see you.



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