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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Over 40 years after its release, Albe Falzon's Morning of The Earth continues to resonate with surfers old & young everywhere. The fact that there is a whole new younger generation looking for their own 'Morning of The Earth Moments' is testimony to the film & its portrayal of a simple surfing life. Morning of The Earth is a genuine 'one of' & to attempt to make a sequel would only remove the soul of the original. Can you imagine being faced with the challenge of making such a film? Much like Albe, Andrew Kidman with movies like Litmus,Glass Love etc has always pursued a more soulful line. Now that its done, he sticks out as such an obvious choice to take this on that I am surprised it took so long for something like this to happen. Perhaps, with the take as many waves at any cost mentality found at most breaks these days, the timing couldn't be better!

The clip below from Positive Productions gives a little bit of an insight into Andrew's background & his thought process when brainstorming in his own head how to pull together this project.  


The movie had a showing at The San Sebastian Film Festival in September & was very well received. It has its official world premiere release at The Sydney Opera House on January 25th 2014 as part of the Festival of Sydney . There is a short trailer on the net but it does not really give to much away in terms of actual footage. To get the full effect with live music we'll have to wait until Australia day long-weekend. I know Albe has been helping out here & there over the past few years that it has taken to get this film together. I have no doubts that, like its source of inspiration, it will be another important marker in Australian surfing & film making.

World champion surfers such as Mick Fanning, Stephanie Gilmore, Tom Curren, Kelly Slater & Beau Young have joined the new guard of Heath Joske, Harrison Roach, Ellis Ericson and Ace Buchan & Jon Jon Florence, alongside 'soul surfers' Fergal Smith, Joel & Kye Fitzgerald among many more.

Filmed in locations throughout the world including Australia, Hawaii, Bali, Fiji, Tahiti, Mexico & Ireland, the film uses striking visuals & music reminiscent of the classic Koyaanisqatsi & Baraka, to portray the compelling beauty of surfing & its associated lifestyle.

The Spirit of Akasha soundtrack features mainly original songs composed & recorded by musicians with strong ties to the surfing community & includes a rare Brian Wilson recording. Other artists featured include Atoms for Peace, Andrew VanWyngarden, Chris Robinson Brotherhood, Xavier Rudd, Angus Stone, Matt Corby, Dirty Three & many more.

Albe Falzon decided at a pretty young age that normal employment & a regular life were not going to satisfy him. Since making that choice he has been places & done stuff that the majority of us cannot even imagine. Living simply on the North Coast eco farm he purchased back in the 70's he continues to live in the moment according to his own set of values in total harmony with nature & whatever the world send his way. His comments in this short clip really make you think about where you are at & where you are going in life. Morning of The Earth still shows us what we all should be doing & I have a pretty good hunch that Akasha will more than serve that legacy.



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