Clowning Around

Tuesday, February 04, 2014


I was checking the surf forecast sites yesterday hoping for some good news after what has been a pretty shit summer so far for waves. Came across this clip of pretty solid Mavericks & some dickhead on a SUP thinking he has some kind of chance with this wave. Hilarious to watch but in all seriousness a really, really stupid play & pretty dangerous for not only himself but the other guys as well. There are some surf smart users of these boats but, there are far, far more idiots like this clown. Its thick, unstable, quite lightweight for its size & totally unsuited to the waves this guy has decided to paddle out in. There in lies the problem with these things. Too many clowns with little or no ability paddling them in places where they have no place being. I believe anyone can ride whatever they want in the surf. We're all there for the same reason but you need to know your limits, show respect for others & don't leave your manners on the beach. Paddle out with with the right attitude & we'll all get our fair share. The guys that surf Mavericks & other big wave spots use the boards they do for good reason. Why this guy even attempted waves like this on what is clearly the worst choice of equipment ever is even more justification that the sooner these things are policed in some way or given their own designated area the better.  In the meantime have a good chuckle at this guy he is probably still got water dribbling out his nose!




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