Spirit Of Akasha Take 2

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Back in the early part of December I knew that the World premiere of Spirit Of Akasha was taking place at the Sydney Opera House as part of the Sydney Festival. All kinds of ideas were beginning to enter my head. Get extra tickets to surprise a good friend on his birthday which was around the same weekend. Get a ticket for a guy I know who would never be able to afford his own. Book a nice city hotel for the night & treat my wife to a little luxury.

However, procrastination & really poor time management stepped in. None of the above happened & when I finally got around to checking for seats two weeks out from the showing date there were just 6 left & none were seated together! Really disappointed & pissed off with myself I broke the news to Lee & guessed we would be waiting for the cinema release.


Next morning, she suggested that I should still go anyway on my own. Everyone should be so lucky to share their life with someone like this. Quickly onto the Opera House site & unbelievably what you see above was the sole remaining seat in the 2,000 plus seat concert hall. Last Saturday night the Opera House reverberated with live renditions of Simple Ben, Open Up Your Heart & I'm Alive as well as songs from the new movie. Some played as the corresponding movie sequence shone out from the big screen. It was quite a night with equal amounts of young & old devotees to the original all eager to see The Spirit Of Akasha come alive. Anyone who thought they were going to see a 'new' Morning Of The Earth were possibly disappointed. The Spirit Of Akasha was never intended to be MOTE Mk2. Its sole intention was to celebrate the original by making its own statement in keeping the spirit of the original alive via its own visuals & soundtrack.

In my opinion I think Andrew Kidman & his associates have met & surpassed their original goal. Two segments for me really connected the old & the new. The surfing of Tom Curren just flowing with the wave, not trying to attack it but just letting it take him with it. So much like Nat Young surfing Broken Head in the original. The other was Sam Yoon living a real organic life in the hills of Kauai, making his own boards & just letting nature drive things along. Exactly like Chris Brock living in his tree house at Angourie. Same spirit, different time. But, be your own judge & make it a priority to check out The Spirit Of Akasha when it hits the road coming to a cinema soon.

The clip below from the 'Ideas at The House' series gives some insight into Albe Falzon's thinking & why the original is still timeless over 40 years since its release. Jed Smith and Kirk Docker put together this film ahead of Spirit of Akasha’s Australian premiere.

Just to remind us why the original still resonates watch the clip below with the unofficial 'anthem' of the original movie, Simple Ben. If this doesn't make you want to pack it in & move to the country somewhere then nothing will. Enjoy.



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