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Thursday, July 18, 2013


Andrew Crockett author, muso, surfer, family man & commentator on 'the other side of surfing' lives in the north coast hinterland with his lovely wife, daughter & another little one due soon. Author of both the fantastic Switch-Foot volumes & his insightful Q&A handbook, Acumen. Andrew, like most of the people in his books, continues to carry the torch of surfing for surfing's sake. His passion for all aspects of the non competitive surfing world & a healthy respect for what a lot of the pioneering surfers can offer the rest of us is really infectious. I found my first copy of Switch-Foot Vol 1 quite by chance & then gave it away to a dear friend as a birthday gift because he was always into trying to switch-foot when we were kids. I was lucky enough to get both volumes as a gift from my kids at a later time & I treasure them both. They are something you can go back to time after time & always lose yourself amongst the images & anecdotes of a surfing world that most of the main players have never left.

Supporting both volumes is Andrew's excellent web site www.switch-foot.com which covers artists, photographers, musicians, books, & whatever else Andrew feels is a good fit. His description pretty much sums it up -

"This site is dedicated to the subculture within surfing that is represented in the switch-foot publications. Through this website, it is hoped that more people come together to support the artistic side of surfing and the many offshoots that it breeds in music and art."

Andrew, via the 'join' tab on the switch-foot web site, also offers you the option to subscribe to his wonderful 'Hodaddy Newsletter'. A fantastic read delivered direct to your in box covering a broad selection of surfing topics all composed with Andrew's usual passion. His most recent covered an interview with Bob McTavish on the origins of the vee bottom to Jacob Stuth's quiver & everything in between. Andrew puts these newsletters together driven solely by his desire to shine a light on the true soul of surfing. Its a very time consuming process for little if any recognition so go to the website & subscribe. If you enjoy what you read let Andrew know how much you appreciate his efforts & hopefully he'll continue to put these new letters together for the surfing community. While you're there grab a copy of either of the two Switch-Foot Volumes if you don't have them already. Vol 2 is currently on sale at just $50 which is a bargain!

A few newsletters back, Andrew was busy drumming up support for a reader's poll to determine Australia's most influential surfer. This was begun by Andrew due to disbelief that the Surfing Australia list for their own award omitted George Greenough & many other notable contributors to surfing in Australia. After receiving just 953 responses, compared to who knows how many for the Surfing Australia Poll, three names made Andrew's independent poll that you won't find in Surfing Australia's top ten.

George Greenough - number 1

Wayne Lynch - number 4

Albert Falzon - number 10

Subscribe to the newsletter for the complete independent top 10 & drop Andrew a line to show you're appreciation for his efforts in keeping the 'soul' alive.

The passion to create the switch-foot books came from an intense dislike of the printed media at the time. I loved surfing but there wasn't a magazine or a book I could pick up which represented what surfing was for me. There were dozens of churned out corporate magazines, but there wasn't anything with any soul about it and surfing to me has a lot of soul, especially when you find someone like Chris Brock who has spent his whole life chasing the waves and not chasing a career. - See more at: http://commongroundaustralia.com/byronbay/community/events/andrew-crockett-acumen/#sthash.wUwj9H9B.dpuf



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