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Monday, August 05, 2013

In this high tech increasingly digitised, sanitised & need it now world its funny how something as simple as checking the PO box can provide so many hours of daydreaming enjoyment. A recent visit to my local post office delivered some pure gold. 

About a year or so ago I was arranging some prints for a customer from the archives of respected photographer John Witzig. John's lens captured the unfolding shortboard revolution in Australia as well as many of the scenes & colourful characters that made that era so special on the surfing timeline . I was aware that John was in the process of putting a book together chronicling, via his wonderful photographs & wordsmith skills, a trip back to that time period that so many people still classify as surfing's golden age.

At that point, still quite a while from being ready for printing & release for sale, John very kindly forwarded me an email of his draft copy to whet my appetite. It gave me some insight into how much time & effort goes into pulling something like this together. The finished product shiny & new finally arrived at the PO & I could not wait to get it home to pore over the content & read all of John's comments.

Chapters are themed to reflect the images & commentary with titles like Road Tripping, Revolution & Country Soul. Accompanying John's impeccable design & layout is commentary from the likes of Drew Kampion, Steve Pezman, Nick Carroll & others. All respected surf writers offering their own take on both Witzig's contribution to surfing & the time period covered.


 To quote directly from the inside of the books dust cover:

"Soulful, poetic, iconoclastic, filled with rare images, A Golden Age is a unique look at surfing's cultural revolution"

Not a cheap ride but worth every penny of the price of admission. Get your hands on a copy of this book & ride back to when surfing was truly a subculture populated by its own tribe.



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