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Hand Made & Hand Shaped is Best


Dick Van Straalen the 'Flying Dutchman' has always been somewhat of an 'underground' shaper despite making boards for most of the big names from Australia & Hawaii during his career. Particularly, during what many refer to as the 'Golden Age' of Australian surfing in the 1970's! 

Dick, Ann & kids 'Down on The Farm' - Pic by Albe Falzon - Dig the peace sign!

Dick has always followed his own path when it comes to surfboard design & has never wanted to drive the twisted highway of commercial success. Those who have surfed one of his boards know how special they are.  I had my first back in late '77 & was immediately hooked. Without exception the best board I had owned. My biggest mistake was not giving it the care it deserved & waiting 32 years to get another. Brought my first one from the shop in the Dick Hoole pic below. No longer there now it was replaced by the home of Ronald the Red Headed Clown. Great shot of the young crew of hotties Dick always seemed to be happy to help in surfing & life skills. 

                              pic by Dick Hoole

Choosing only to shape to his own schedule & completely by hand, a new DVS shooter takes time to be born. If you want one be prepared to wait or drop by & see the couple we have in the rack right now. A couple of Dick's most popular designs in 6'1" & 6'2" lengths. One of those innovative shapers who is always looking forward but drawing on his successes of the past & refining as he goes. I recall an old Tracks article showing Dick boring holes into the two halves of a yet to be glued up blank & stuffing those holes with ping pong balls to see the results.

                          pic courtesy of holaparasiempre.com 

The above quote by Dick pretty much sums it up. Don't be a clone, try a different ride. Surfers don't come out of computer - neither should your surfboard!!


Great video below of Dick gives some insight into his character & approach. As long time friend Dick Hoole says " Van Straalen is the real deal."

                  video courtesy of mysurftv

Dirk 'Dick' Van Straalen, one of those shapers who just seems to have 'the touch'! Look into his history on the web & keep any eye on what his early boards sell for on the collectors market. Get a new one or get an old one. Hang on to it, take good care of it & it will only appreciate in value. Where else can you get a surfboard that does that!! 





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